WM Budapest



Right after the 17th FINA Worlds Championships, Budapest will host the 17th FINA Masters World Championships. Hereby we would like to take the chance to summerize the infos to all of those who are interested in the Masters.

The main goal of the FINA is to make the athletes over 25 prove that they still can achieve on highest level in the different disciplines. (high diving is not included!) Hereby we would like to summarize and give information to all of those who are interested in the Masters.

Our purpose is to welcome the sportsmen from all around the world in Budapest and Balatonfüred, and to raise the glory of aquatics. We would like to welcome the age groupers not only for competing but we also like to give them unforgetable moments via the landscape, culture and gastronomy. Maybe one day they come back to us.

No doubt that the main event is the elite world championships. But for us, both events have the same importance. We are going to focus the same on both ones. It’s obvious that the Masters WCH is the largest FINA event. The Hungarians are said to be born in water, so we expect that the hotels will be fully booked by the registered players and swimmers.

We all together, the organisers do all possible actions to have a great and memorable event. For all of you who visit us in July and August 2017.